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Building a Brand

Growing Aquatic Aviation to one of the biggest names in Hydro-Flight sports wasn’t easy, but with strategy and hard work we were able to build a brand that generates over 400k in yearly revenue and flourishes on SEO bringing traffic to the site organically.

Project summary

This project was started back in October of 2012. Since then we have built a recognizable brand that creates trust online and produces sales through our custom created processes. There was no blueprint on how to attack this new industry, so we had to come up with one from scratch. Today our efforts have generated over 2 Million in revenue and have secured the majority of the top spots in search engine marketing for the main keywords in the related industry. 

The Strategy

We started off like most new companies in a new industry with no real track record or history of the products we were carrying. Through trial and error, we developed systems and strategies to grow our sales channel and create credibility through our online presence. We knew our product the Flyboard was a very visual appealing product and that it had the WOW factor, but it was going to take a lot of work to be the top company in the industry.


  • Create an Engaging Website with rich on-page and off-page SEO strategies.
  • Create social media channels to engage our audience with up to date information.
  • Work with successful YouTubers and videographers to build awareness for our products.
  • Create a Brand that was known for providing these new products to new markets.
  • Investing in Video and digital assets to create social proof and trust with our site visitors. 

Proven Results

See some of the results below produced by this website. 

Monthly Visitors

Monthly Online Leads

Top 5 Keywords

Average Monthly Revenue

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