Video Production

Looking to get a video made for something? We have you covered and offer a wide variety of different types of videos to meet your needs.

Our Process & Workflow.

Everything we do at Bulka Media revolves around strategy and processes. We have spent the last 5 years developing and simplifing our process to make our work more affortable and productive for our clients.

Research is a big key and is the start of our 5-step process. We perform a deep data analysis to understand your audience, demographic, and niche.
We then build out a plan around our findings and create a storyboard to showcase to our clients our vision for the project and the shotlist.
After our plan and goals align  we begin to schedule the shoot day(s) shot by shot to project the length of time we will need for completion.
Once we schedule the project it’s time to get to work! We will then begin to create the content we have selected from the results of the beginning steps.
Now that the content is created, it is time to market it through the preferred channels to maximize your ROI of the project.

Video Reel

Check out some of our recent videos below.