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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most important assets to your company and brand. Let us help tell your story and build a community around your products and services.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Do you need more traffic to your website, blog, or landing page? We have what it takes to help bring the right audience to your online platform. We don’t just come up with a posting strategy and boost ads for you, we work closely with you and your team to develop a strategy that meets your goals.

Main Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Considering the potential cost of a targeted social media campaign, are the benefits really worth the effort and money?

In a survey, eMarketers asked U.S. Marketing Executives what they felt were the main benefits of marketing through social media. Not Surprisingly, only half of the respondents felt that ‘low cost’ was a benefit. Below are the results by percentage of respondents.

  • Customer Engagement 85.4% 85.4%
  • Direct Customer Communications 65% 65%
  • Speed of Feedback 59.9% 59.9%
  • Learning Customer Preferences 59.1% 59.1%
  • Low Cost 51.1% 51.1%
  • Brand Building 48.2% 48.2%
  • Market Research 42.3% 42.3%
  • Credibility of the “crowd” 40.1% 40.1%
  • Reach 37.2% 37.2%
  • Great Lead Generation 21.1% 21.1%
  • Customer Service 17.5% 17.5%

Social Media Can Be Overwhelming and Time-Consuming. The Good News Is, We Can Help

Brand Design & Strategy

Building a brand takes time and consistency. Our team can help you come up wtih a strategy to increase brand awareness. 

Social Media Management

Managing all of those social post on all the platforms is time consuming, but it needs to be done consistantly to keep your audience engaged.

Facebook Ads

Looking to scale your brand bigger and generate more leads? We can set up and manage your Facebook and Instagram Ads to meet your goals.

Tracking Pixels

Pixels are very important for tracking your website visitors and remarketing to them on social media. All of our plans include a pixel install on your site.

Copywriting & Strategy

Making sure your copywriting for your ads and social posts is one of the most important aspects of your strategy.

Reports and Analytics

In today’s market, it is very important to know what’s going on with your data. That’s why we send out reports on a monthly basis.

Custom Audiences

Every Ad Campaign we run for you is set up to be distributed to the right audience. This ensures the right people are seeing your ad offer.

Content Sourcing

A social media marketing strategy is built around the content you distribute to your audience. We can help you source video and image content.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Check out the pricing plans we offer below. If you need a custom quote please feel free to contact us! All of our plans include a free audit of your social network account.

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